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Completed Scope: 600,000 square feet 30 days each phase, over 24 months LDR: 80% Landfill Diversion Rate Challenges: Client’s downtown Chicago location presented a unique…
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Completed Scope: 239,000 square feet in 5 weeks 1500 workstations, 100 private offices LDR: 96% Landfill Diversion Rate Challenges: Customers goal was to consolidate off-site…
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Completed Scope: 400,000 square feet 16 floors, 850 workstations, 340 private offices, 700 file cabinets, 1,000 chairs LDR: 91% Landfill Diversion Rate Challenges: Customer’s goals…
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Office Furniture Liquidators Chicago, IL; St. Louis, MO; Milwaukee & Madison, WI

Environmentally Friendly Office Furniture Liquidators Serving Businesses throughout the Midwest

Office Furniture Resources is the most experienced office furniture liquidators serving Chicago, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Madison, and surrounding Midwestern cities.

The green initiative is a global issue. OFR realized this early on when we helped pioneer our industry to find creative solutions to keep furniture out of landfills. Today, OFR has an average of 90 percent landfill diversion rate on decommission jobs. When furniture loses its resale value but still has useful life, as office furniture liquidators, we act as the conduit to charitable organizations who need this furniture and oversee the entire process of removal to delivery. When all opportunities for resale and donation have been exhausted, we find and work with local partners to sort and recycle material for reuse. 

The key to our success as office furniture liquidators, beyond our amazing team of employees, is careful planning and full communication. Planning of any decommission project happens during the time of bidding in order to research and provide the most value added proposal. We find the best way to manage a project is to be onsite which allows us to deal with any issues directly and swiftly. We remain in control and hands on at all times. We pride ourselves in establishing a day to day schedule for each decommission job and sticking to it — our clients are always in the loop. 

Our Rethink Program ensures that all unwanted products are taken care of without doing any harm to the environment. The furnishings we liquidate will either be:

  • Donated to charity
  • Refurbished into like-new furnishings
  • Converted into alternative energy
  • Recycled into a new product
  • Resold to small or medium sized businesses 

Additionally, as full-service office furniture liquidators, we can help your business with the recycling of any unneeded electronics. Our E-waste program will dispose of all electronics in a green, or environmentally friendly, way. We will wipe clean and recycle any parts that can be reused, or we will properly dispose of any electronics that cannot be recycled.

For more information about why we are among the best office furniture liquidators available to businesses in Chicago, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Madison, and other areas in the Midwest, contact Office Furniture Resources today.

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