Milwaukee-Think You Have The Coolest Office?

OK – We all know that PEOPLE make each office unique but what if we removed all the employees? What would your office say about you and your company? Would it be dull and boring, and how much would it differ from your competitors office down the street? OFR is teaming up with the Milwaukee Business Journal to bring you “Milwaukee’s Coolest Office.” Send 10-20 photos and/or a one-to-two minute video that shows off your cool office and what makes your company unique. The deadline for this cool contest is Friday, March 6th with the winners being announced online April 13th – 24th. Winners will also be featured in the Business Journal’s April 24th issue! Send submissions to editor-in-chief Mark Kass at What does your office say about you? Think you have Milwaukee’s coolest office – prove it – with OFR and the Milwaukee Business Journal.

Blog by: Jon Schulte
Photo of Jon
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