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Completed Scope: 600,000 square feet
30 days each phase, over 24 months

LDR: 80% Landfill Diversion Rate

Challenges: Client’s downtown Chicago location presented a unique physical challenge; the large high-rise building does not have a dock large enough to accommodate tractor trailers. In addition, the building rules and ongoing construction reduced the availability of the elevator. Simultaneously, our client was in need of a single vendor to handle multiple projects in locations across the country.

Solutions: OFR shuttled furniture to our local Chicago warehouse using smaller trucks running in a continuous loop. Our experienced crew coordinated with other vendors on site to make efficient use of the available elevator time.

OFR dedicated a Principal to personally oversee each liquidation on site across the country. Our combination of nationwide vendor relationships and on-site OFR team member project management ensured that every project, from Minneapolis to Denver, was completed on time and with excellence.

Highlights: As a result of our ability to resell pre-owned furniture through many channels including retail, wholesale, and refurbishing, OFR was able to credit $60,000 back to our client.