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Completed Scope: 239,000 square feet in 5 weeks
1500 workstations, 100 private offices

LDR: 96% Landfill Diversion Rate

Challenges: Customers goal was to consolidate off-site buildings and bring employees back to the company-owned campus. The initial phase of furniture to be decommissioned had very little value due to its age and size. The large-scale restack began quickly and continues to be fluid; Customer wanted to partner with a vendor who could meet their changing needs as the project unfolded.

Solutions: OFR maximized the furniture value by wholesaling 750 stations and using the systems furniture in our OFR Refab department. In addition, OFR’s dedicated Charity Coordinator placed 30 trailer loads of bookcases, chairs, wardrobes, and tables with local area schools. Our customer received special recognition for this service to the community.

Highlights: OFR’s dedicated Project Manager has completed detailed inventories at every building, making planning easier. This single-point-of-contact approach streamlined communication and reduced the burden on facility staff.