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Completed Scope: 400,000 square feet
16 floors, 850 workstations, 340 private offices,
700 file cabinets, 1,000 chairs

LDR: 91% Landfill Diversion Rate

Challenges: Customer’s goals were to work with community charities, offer an Employee Sale, minimize landfill, and complete the job in 30 days or less.

Solutions: To meet this timeline, with the added services of an Employee Sale and Charity Coordination, OFR ran two simultaneous crews. The first crew concentrated on knock down and staging of all the furniture. The second crew focused on load out of all furniture to trailers. More than 50 trailer loads of furniture were removed, averaging 2.5 trailers per day. The precise, managed use of the small (6×8) freight elevator was required to keep the trailer loading running almost continuously. OFR completed the job 2 days ahead of schedule.

Highlights:  During the decommission process, OFR provided an onsite employee sale. OFR staged furniture, serviced the employee customers, and loaded purchased furniture into vehicles. More than 200 employees attended the sale, which generated a wealth of goodwill for their employees.