CHALLENGE: Lower panel height to bring in more light and improve communication, reduce hierarchy by eliminating private offices. Create a space that is “cool” both for staff and as a showcase for customers.

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Lower panel height allows natural light to flood the workplace

SOLUTION#1: OFR located a suitable inventory of more than 200 high-quality, excellent condition Steelcase Answer Workstations in up-to-date finishes – OFR completed the layout and design using AutoCAD and 3D models during the planning process – Delivery and installation of first phase was completed in 10 days – The used Steelcase Answer workstations were less than half the cost of the same quality new.

SAVINGS: Customer saved tens of thousands on the furniture, freeing up funds for new carpet and other building upgrades not initially in their budget – OFR provided more than 200 mint-condition used Steelcase Leap ergonomic desk chairs–another upgrade the customer didn’t think they could afford before OFR!

VIDEO: 200 workstations in 10 days


CHALLENGE: Remove over 400 stations, 1,000 chairs and other office furniture out of a building in 2 weeks time.

SOLUTION: Through careful planning with an experienced team, this project was completed on time and within budget.

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Tapco after

Final workstations that blend with clients space

CHALLENGE: The IT Dept had a limited budget but a long wish list including adding more staff, making the space collaborative and upgrading technology. They also had new carpet and paint that they didn’t want to change.

SOLUTION: OFR installed used Steelcase Answer workstations with key parts re-manufactured in colors to coordinate with the rooms carpet and paint. Collaboration is encouraged with staggered panel heights, a huddle table and mobile drawer cabinets.

SAVINGS: The cost of partially-refurbished workstations was 1/2 the price, the savings allowed them to get the large smart board the team had been dreaming of!


PROJECT SCOPE: Disposition of 860 workstations, 200 private offices, 500 desk chairs, 800 side chairs, 600 file cabinets

EQUIPMENT: 1000 dollies, 100 panel carts, 8 dedicated trailers, 3 semi drivers

TIMEFRAME: 16 working days (including Saturdays & Thanksgiving holiday). Tight schedule dictated by customer’s construction schedule.

SOLUTION: OFR utilized 2 shifts working 18 hours per day.  Day shift workers knocked down and set product on dollies and panel carts, then staged for loading.  Evening shift workers loaded trailers, averaging 5 trailers loaded per day.  In order to increase efficiency and meet the project deadline, all product was loaded onto trailers and kept on wheels.  Trailers were then shuttled to our Chicago warehouse where product was offloaded, skidded and inventoried.  This method maximized efficiency allowing for the loading and offloading of 77 trailer loads of product in a short 16-day timeframe.

OUTCOME:  OFR completed the job 1 day ahead of schedule.  The Allstate construction crew was demolishing the space alongside the OFR crew who were removing furniture.  Teamwork and planning played key roles in the favorable outcome of this job.



Hole in wall was created so furniture could be lifted to upper level

GOAL: Get the best quality workstations, with enough storage, for a budget price, that complimented the new carpet and paint finishes.

CHALLENGE #1: Charter Automotive needed to update their mezzanine level, adding space for more staff and improving the layout so teams that worked together could be together. Because the project involved construction, the budget left for furniture was tight.

SOLUTION #1: OFR sourced pre-owned Knoll Morrison workstations in great condition, that included a tower for extra storage. OFR reupholstered the panels in a new fabric that perfectly tied in with the new office finishes.

CHALLENGE #2: Getting in there! The mezzanine level was accessible only by a staircase; not the best for getting large furniture in place.

SOLUTION#2: Working with Charter’s contractor MSI General, the furniture was forklifted into the space through a hole in the wall that was then closed up behind in the final stages of construction.

SAVINGS: Charter saved more than 50% over the cost of the same Knoll brand workstations new, and still got the look they wanted!



PROJECT SCOPE: Disposition of grand total 2,500 workstations:

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:  Customer’s high security conscious environment required that all work crews submit to drug testing, security and background checks.

TIMEFRAME:  2 weeks- 1,000 workstations (Phase 1), 2 weeks- 1,500 workstations (Phase 2)

FACILITY: Timeframe was tight due to customer’s construction schedule.  Since there was no freight elevator, a passenger elevator was utilized.  There was no dock which resulted in a “street load” with all product being ramped up and loaded onto trucks.

PLAN: 65 trailers were loaded.  Phase 1 was scheduled during normal business hours.  Phase 2 was scheduled during after hours (6pm to 6am).  Scheduling and management of the trucks played a critical role in the overall success of this job.

OUTCOME: The overall success of this project depended on our ability to secure the availability of 3 trailers per night and to ensure their on-time arrival.  There was little margin for error given the customer’s short timeframe for this project.  OFR’s established relationship with multiple trucking firms paid off and the job was completed on schedule and within budget.


SIZE: 34 full workstations, 18 telemarketing workstations and 2 conference rooms

CHALLENGE: Create workstations for different applications with the same inventory of furniture

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Telemarketing workstations

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Sales workstations