A Beautiful Blend: Recycled, Customized And A Lot Cheaper

It’s second nature in the office furniture business to use words like “Blended”, “Refurbished”, “Remanufactured”, and “Blended Solution”. But what does that really mean for the company trying to furnish an office on a budget?

If you need to furnish a new space, it means you can get the quality and style you want without spending a fortune.
If you need to expand in an existing space, it means you can match what you already have without wasting money.

For example, here OFR used our in-house laminate and paint services to make a refurbished cubicle blend in with existing panels that had been discontinued by the original manufacturer. We added the cubicle and no one would ever guess it wasn’t original!

In this example, OFR blended used panels (cubicle walls), refurbished pedestals (painted drawers), custom laminate work surfaces and new glass screens to create workstations that are recycled, customized and a lot cheaper!

OFR’s has creative office solutions no matter your budget. Contact us today!

A Beautiful Blend  Refurbished Match Maker

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Kate Mikkelsen

Kate Mikkelsen

Workstation: Pros and Cons to New and Used

The workstation is a business necessity. No matter what type of business you’re in and no matter your company’s size, the workstation is just as important today as it was in years past. So how do you decide on which style works with your company culture? What’s the most important factor in deciding what to prioritize? This new vs. used pro and con cheat sheet should be able to help you decide.

Customizing – shape, color palette, and functionality are all at your fingertips; think company colors. Do your employees need more storage or is it surface area need?
Growth – If you pick out a specific fabric and paint palette and your company needs to bring on more people, chances are very good that the fabric and paint would still be in stock. This gives you a complete and consistent look even if you don’t buy everything at one time.

Price – It will cost you about 3-4 times as much to buy one new cubicle versus buying one used or refurbished. Multiply that by the number of your employees and that cost can be significant.
Lead Time – The majority of new workstation companies will have at least a 4 week lead time. This doesn’t help if you’re in a pinch or want to get up and running fast.

Price – Talk about saving money!! If you run a small business, you could furnish your whole office with cubicles at the price it would take to buy one or two new cubicles.
Lead Time – Some workstation projects can take as little as 10 days to install! Have a new employee starting next week? OFR can handle it. We get workstations in FAST!!

Customizing – You are normally at the mercy of how the previous company had their workstations configured. However, OFR does offer cut down options as well as refurbishing options. Either option would still save you a ton of money versus going new.
Same goes for adding on later. OFR will most likely have the same style of panel available, but probably not in the same fabric or paint. Again, refurbishing is the perfect way to reach a unified result.

Blog by: Jon Schulte
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Milwaukee-Think You Have The Coolest Office?

OK – We all know that PEOPLE make each office unique but what if we removed all the employees? What would your office say about you and your company? Would it be dull and boring, and how much would it differ from your competitors office down the street? OFR is teaming up with the Milwaukee Business Journal to bring you “Milwaukee’s Coolest Office.” Send 10-20 photos and/or a one-to-two minute video that shows off your cool office and what makes your company unique. The deadline for this cool contest is Friday, March 6th with the winners being announced online April 13th – 24th. Winners will also be featured in the Business Journal’s April 24th issue! Send submissions to editor-in-chief Mark Kass at mkass@bizjournals.com. What does your office say about you? Think you have Milwaukee’s coolest office – prove it – with OFR and the Milwaukee Business Journal.

Blog by: Jon Schulte
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   Coolest Office Contest

Pros of New Laminate Office Furniture

I always enjoy seeing a customer’s face when they hear about current laminate furniture, compared to the laminate of old. When people hear the word “laminate” they typically flash back to that old bookcase they tried putting together for their kid and remember the hour of assembly that was supposedly guaranteed. OFR sells commercial grade laminate that comes with a real GUARANTEE OF QUALITY. Our laminate doesn’t have a thousand screws, in fact, there are hardly any! Laminate manufacturers know they need to make their product easy to install, but must hold up through the years. Needless to say this has been achieved. New laminate (and actually new furniture in general) is a great solution in the following scenarios:

-Consistency throughout your space
-A clean professional look
-Decided that cubicles won’t work for your office environment
-You only have the budget for only 1-2 desks but know you’re going to need more as you expand and want to match existing furniture

Haven’t looked at laminate options in a while? You will be surprised with the multitude of finishes that will complement any décor. Visit an OFR store near you to kick the tires and find out if new laminate office furniture is right for your office.

Blog by: Jon Schulte

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Different People – One Chair-The Criterion by Steelcase

When starting the search to outfit your office, task chairs seem to be the first item that gets overlooked and probably the most important. Your employees spend at least 8 hours in a chair, 5 days each week. Unfortunately, many companies choose cheap “leather” chairs from chain stores because they can get them quickly. Businesses on a budget are surprised with the price of new high quality commercial chairs and sometimes frustrated with the amount of time it takes to go through a new office furniture dealer. OFR has this problem solved with the Steelcase Criterion chair. The criterion chair is one of the most popular chairs in the world for its versatility and superior quality. OFR typically stocks this chair and we can’t make it any easier to purchase, walk in and walk out with a tried and true chair. Furthermore, because all your employees have different body types, the criterion chair is the most adaptable chair available. Chairs don’t just go up and down anymore, they go left, right, tilt, and lock. That’s why the Criterion is perfect. Your employees set it, and forget it! #officefurniture #usedofficefurniture #criterionchair

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Blog by Jon Schulte

Communicating With Technology Related Issues

In this time of relying on technology for everyday business functions, things are bound to go wrong with something at some point in time. When communicating your tech support, there are things that you should know to help with resolving the problem.
1) What exactly happened? When tech support gets an e-mail that states “my computer doesn’t work”, that doesn’t help the tech at all for fixing the issue. Being detailed as possible with the tech is the key to help with resolving issues.

Example) “My computer won’t turn on. I’ve pressed the power button and nothing happens.”  this, that leads tech support to check the power sources and test if the power supply works.

2) If something isn’t working right, report it to tech support immediately. Tech support can’t fix issues if they’re not aware of the issues. If it is something that is going to take a little bit of time, the support technician normally will notify the employee(s) that will be affected, with normally giving them a temporary solution/work around so that business isn’t affected too much while they are working on resolving the issue.

3) Save your important documents frequently while working on them, preferably to a storage space that isn’t the physical PC/laptop you are working on. By doing this, if your PC/laptop crashes, you still have your documents.

4) Be patient with the tech support person. Not all technology related issues are a quick fix. There are times that a tech may not have the answer, it might be something they’ve never encountered before or hasn’t heard about. Majority of techs then go out of their way to search for the answer(s) to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. There can be times where the device is just completely shot, which is why tip number 3 is very important.

Blog by: Bryan Meech

Bryan Meech

Is Steelcase Answer The Answer To Your Workplace?

sc answer

Steelcase Answer

As a Designer at Office Furniture Resources, I have seen a big change in the workplace environment over the past 10 years.  People are walking away from the traditional workstation and migrating towards an environment that offers the privacy of a workstation and the feel of an open concept floor plan. Collaboration areas and team spaces are becoming more and more popular. Another huge movement I see are companies desire to incorporate their branding within the workplace. Some clients enjoy a neutral color palette but many companies would like to customize their furniture so that it fits their company branding and culture.

I have found that Steelcase Answer systems furniture can accommodate all of our client’s wants and needs. With Steelcase Answer, I can still create traditional looking workstations with the option of many different heights. In addition, Steelcase Answer gives me the flexibility to make the workstation as custom as the client would like. I’m able to create open floor plan concepts, team areas, add color and pattern, and use different materials i.e. metal and so much more!

Blog by: Vishakha Joshi

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